Top 5 Billing Practices Used by Profitable Law Firms

This year might be unpredictable, but that doesn’t mean it has to be unprofitable. With modern billing, you can keep track of your bottom line just like the most profitable law firms do. From best practices to specific tactics to keeping money coming in the door, we’ll show you how to keep your numbers out of the red.  Law firm … Read More

Using Modern Tools To Increase Your Billing Productivity

We all want to get paid for the work we do. But working on the actual billing that means we can get paid? Not nearly as enjoyable.  Billing clients can be a time-consuming headache, especially when you’re not using modern tools. Tasks that could take only minutes take hours. And all that time is taking away from other things that … Read More

Harnessing Technology To Improve Your Legal Billing

Do you dread billing? Does it feel like it takes up a lot of time or like you’re always scrambling to get invoices out? If so, you’re not alone – billing isn’t what most lawyers thought of when they signed up for law school. Even if you have someone who helps with your billing, it can still seem like there … Read More

Make More Money: 10 Tips for Better Legal Billing

Right now, we’re all dealing with uncertainties and changes but one thing remains the same – a firm’s need to stay profitable.  Billing can be a sore subject for lawyers, especially ones who have had their share of clients who don’t pay. Trying to get billable hours in while staying on top of billing and running a practice can be … Read More

5 Ways Using Separate Billing and Accounting Software is Wasting Your Time

The time you spend on billing and accounting can seem like a money-making investment – after all, it means you’re going to invoice your client for billable hours and hopefully recover some expense costs. But effective time usage is what allows lawyers to invest their time in activities that are profitable, rather than just those that simply need to be … Read More

What Lawyers Need to Know About Accepting Bitcoin Payments


As we move into the third decade of the 21st century, law firms must find new ways to stay current with the needs of clients. From text message marketing to digital services, there are new platforms to master and new privacy and security concerns to keep in mind.  A particularly sensitive ethical concern for lawyers is financial transactions. For this … Read More

Redefining Modern Practice Management: Legal Billing


No matter what size a firm is or what practice areas they cover, a lack of proper time tracking or billing procedures can quickly create a cash flow issue. Thankfully, modern practice management creates a solution to the challenges of accurate, timely billing. Through the power of the cloud and technology built specifically for the legal industry, lawyers can make … Read More

Maximizing Your Time To Get More Billable Hours


For lawyers, working long hours is often seen as part of the job. But are the hours you work really contributing to your billable hours and bottom line? It’s easy to get lost in the many, many tasks required of successful lawyers. Billing, research, client management, case details – all of these take time. Some to-dos are unavoidable and are … Read More

How to Start Getting Paid What You’re Owed


Unless you’re doing volunteer or pro bono work, you don’t want to work for free. Running a law firm is like running any other business in the fact that cash flow is essential to keeping the doors open.  Year-end presents a unique set of collections challenges compounded by an increased sense of urgency. Often, firms end up writing off their … Read More

Tech Tip #274: Optimize Time and Billing Practices to Grow Your Firm


One of the five pillars of running a successful law firm includes having a strong foundation for time tracking and billing practices. Optimizing your time tracking and billing leads to three benefits: Compliance: Keeping accurate real-time balances at the matter level allows firms to catch inaccuracies and issues earlier on.  Happier clients: Easy-to-understand and accurate billing practices make it easier … Read More