Scaling Your Solo Law Firm

Scaling Your Solo Law Firm

For solo lawyers, scaling a law practice can give you greater autonomy over the work you do, greater sense of purpose and satisfaction from your work, and, when done right, greater profitability. But being a solo also means that all the work that comes with growth rests squarely on your shoulders. Thankfully, thorough planning, strategic automations, and well-implemented technology can … Read More

New Year’s Resolutions for Law Firms in 2022

New Years Resolutions

As we finish January and head full-on into 2022, we hope you realize that it’s not too late to make your New Year’s Resolutions for your law office. Now is the perfect time to evaluate your law firm’s current way of doing things, make improvements, and adopt new habits and processes to make this year the best one yet. Whether … Read More

How to Source Reliable Vendors for Your Law Firm

Whether it’s medical records ordering, financial services, graphic design, or something else entirely, law firms often need to enlist outside help to keep the office running smoothly. Or at least, that’s what happens when the vendor is reliable. When they’re not, it can feel more like you’re being run into the ground.  But lawyers don’t have time for someone to … Read More

Top 10 Things Law Firms Can Take Away from 2021

Top 10 Take Aways from 2021

Although nothing compares to 2020, 2021 still managed to deliver its fair share of challenges—from staying focused while working remotely to adjusting to industry changes or finding a work-life balance. But in the spirit of making lemonade and implementing solutions to the challenges we do have some control over, we’ve compiled a list of top ten takeaways. 1. Change can … Read More

Using Your Network: How to Earn More Referrals

Earning Referrals through Networking

For many law firms, a key contingent of their new clients come to them through referrals. In fact, referrals can be a particularly helpful source of new clients because they have already been partially vetted as a potential fit for your firm by previous clients or other lawyers. Yet earning more referrals can be a challenge, particularly as the business … Read More

Giving Thanks: What Lawyers Are Thankful For

As the days get shorter and colder and the year winds to a close, we find ourselves reflecting on what’s unfolded in the past twelve months—and preparing for the holidays ahead. In the midst of it all, we also find time to give thanks.  While we may be grateful for time with family, new relationships, a meal with friends, or … Read More