New Year’s Resolutions For Your Law Firm

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  Here we are, two weeks into 2017! How are you doing with your resolutions? Still hitting the gym, eating better, reading more? Maybe you’re not a “Resolutions Person”. That’s okay not everybody needs to set up resolutions for their personal life. Running a law firm is a different story, though. Just like any other business, a law firm needs … Read More

Tech Tip #41 – Establish a Primary Method of Communication With Your Client

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We live in an age where there is never a problem of finding a way to communicate with clients. There’s email, phone calls, texts, video chats, and maybe soon we’ll be communicating by hologram. Unfortunately, with so many methods of communication, it’s easy to lose track of what you or your client has said. Make sure your firm establishes a … Read More

Productivity Multipliers: An Overview

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Don’t make the mistake of being so focused on the law that you forget about managing your legal practice. Without a unified practice management strategy and the legal software to support it, you are doomed to constantly floundering around wondering why your work never gets done. A well-organized office handles more cases and generates more revenue but there are other … Read More

The Importance Of Branding To A Law Firm

Attorneys need to reach new clients, yet many are reluctant to engage in overt advertisements. If you depend on word of mouth referrals like many firms do, then it is essential that you project a professional image. The invoices produced by CosmoLex billing software for lawyers help you maintain that image. History Of Legal Advertising In 1908 the American Bar Association … Read More