How to Manage Your Caseload When You’re Feeling Overwhelmed

Caseloads are a big topic of conversation for law firms and with good reason. The optimal caseload allows firms to be profitable and lawyers to achieve that oh-so-elusive work-life balance.  But the reality is that it’s hard to achieve that perfect balance. In the meantime, you either hustle to build your book of business or you are swamped by an … Read More

Be The Best Lawyer You Can Be

Pandemic or not, the legal industry is fast-paced and stressful. Long hours (whether from home or an office), difficult situations, constant deadlines, and a boatload of uncertainty right now all add up to intense professional demands.  It’s not a new problem. But it’s a big problem.  Maybe you’ve seen the 2017 report by the National Task Force on Lawyer Well-Being? … Read More

Adjusting to the New Normal for Lawyers

A lot has changed for lawyers since COVID-19 struck. Whole law firms working from home, remote depositions, and virtual hearings and taking on new clients while never meeting them seemed unimaginable at the beginning of the year. Now? It’s the new normal.  It’s a big adjustment! Especially when you want to make sure your office is staying productive.  While very … Read More

Digital Detoxing for the Work-from-home Lawyer

In the age of COVID-19, we have struck an uneasy balance with being work-from-home pioneers. We’ve figured out a lot about how to be productive, how to manage relationships with clients and coworkers, and how to get court cases moving along when we can’t actually be in the courtroom.  While technology lets us do all of these things, there are … Read More

Growing Your Firm In Changing & Uncertain Times

You don’t want to hear us say it, so we won’t. (Okay, we have to, sorry.)  We’re living in changing and uncertain times.  Four months ago, we all hoped that the pandemic would be a short, weird blip on our national radar, but COVID-19, like a bad neighbor in the apartment next door, is here to stay for the foreseeable … Read More

How to Calm an Angry Client

No matter how good you are with your clients, no matter how much you prioritize client service, it’s inevitable: you WILL have angry clients. Angry clients are a fact of doing business but in the legal profession, it comes with the territory.  Here’s another thing to consider: while public perception of lawyers as being adversarial and conflict-driven is a common … Read More

How to Fight Fraud in Your Law Firm

When you think about fraud and law firms, it’s easy to focus your attention on the work lawyers do to prosecute fraud cases.  But just because law firms are usually on the prosecuting side of the bench doesn’t mean that they aren’t susceptible to fraud. In fact, law firms make appealing targets for fraudsters, given the wealth of personal information … Read More

Strategies for Building a More Diverse and Inclusive Law Firm

Although events are still playing out nationally through protests and political engagement, what’s clear to many law firms is the need to proactively implement change. Businesses, institutions, and organizations have thrown their weight behind discussions of how they can contribute to dismantling systemic racism in our country.  The legal field remains among the least inclusive industries. There’s much that law … Read More

How To Stay Motivated in Your Practice

The last couple of months have been a long haul for everyone. The shift from the office then back (maybe) to the office. Homeschooling with no childcare. Long days at home. Being isolated but at the same time, totally connected via social media and messaging apps.  It’s no wonder that you’re feeling fatigued and maybe a bit unmotivated. Yet even … Read More

Reopening: What Your Firm Should Have in Place

Following several months of stay-at-home orders, law firms in many areas are being allowed to reopen their physical offices to staff and clients. But what does that actually mean for operations?  Each bar association and law society will have its own criteria or guidelines for law firms considering reopening. It’s advisable that practice managers and partners deeply think about the … Read More