3 Critical Mistakes Lawyers Make When Upgrading LPM Software

Upgrading your legal practice management (LPM) software can increase your efficiency and productivity by centralizing your billing, case management and time tracking in one location while automating tasks. When deciding to make the switch to a new program, it’s critical to be aware of the common mistakes many lawyers make during the process. Avoiding those pitfalls along with careful planning … Read More

Tech Tip #227: The 3-2-1 Backup Rule Every Law Firm Should Follow


What would happen if suddenly all of your data disappeared? To make sure you never have to face that scenario, implement the IT industry’s golden standard of the 3-2-1 backup: three copies stored in two different formats with one copy offsite. Using a cloud-based solution makes it easy to automate the backup process, storing your data in a professional data … Read More

Tech Tip #226: Switching Software Programs? Data Migration Can’t be Afterthought


No matter what program you’re switching to, don’t underestimate the importance of data migration. Your firm’s data is one of its most important assets, including contacts, matter information, and transactions. You’ll want to remove or combine duplicate data to create a clean migration and determine ahead of time what fields you’ll need in your new system. Learn more about what you need … Read More

Making the Move to Modern Practice Management


As more and more firms leave their desktops behind, it’s clear the future of law lies with cloud-based software. While the ability to work from anywhere, anytime is one of the largest reasons for the transition, lawyers must consider much more when deciding which cloud-based practice management program to go with. Maximize the benefits to your firm and your billable … Read More

Tech Tip #219: The Rise of Mobile Technology for Attorneys


In today’s legal world, the ability to work remotely and communicate more rapidly is not only a convenience, but a necessity. Not only are rates of telecommuting attorneys rising, but there are also a growing number of attorneys making their practice mobile. Learn more about why this mobile technology trend is rising, and how a mobile solutions platform will allow your … Read More

CosmoLex: The #1 Alternative to Desktop Software


When you consider your law firm’s current needs, our guess is that they fall within the following categories: Billing General Accounting Trust Accounting Calendar & Events Documents & Emails The experts at CosmoLex have spent many years working with countless solo and small practice lawyers, and have come to identify these areas as the Five Pillars of Legal Practice Management … Read More

Tech Tip #202: Cyber Security Inside Your Firm

Cyber Security Law Firm

Law firms are responsible for much more than just what happens inside the courtroom. They are the keeper of financial records and sensitive information of their clients. It’s important that only members of your firm who need to have access to this information have it. Set up strict user privileges and access controls inside your practice management system to ensure … Read More

The 6 Best Practices When Choosing Legal Cloud Software

When a law firm decides to upgrade its legal software by moving to the cloud, it invests in its future. While migrating data is an involved process, the benefits of a cloud-based, law practice management system are nearly endless. Outdated software not only places firms in a precarious position when it comes to compliance, but it also presents several obstacles, … Read More

Tech Tip #201: Wash Your Hands Clean Of Legal Software Maintenance

Attorneys are attorneys, but any attorney with their salt also knows that they have responsibilities tied to accounting matters as well. Many firms use software to help manage some of the financial aspects of their work, but attorneys don’t want to also be IT professionals either. Invest in self-maintained cloud solutions for your firm to free up your attorneys time … Read More

Tech Tip # 191: Take Advantage of Modern Functionality Available to Law Firms

Law Firm Modern Functionality

Firms that still manage their practice using legacy desktop programs are missing out on modern functionality that their competitors are already taking advantage of. This will lessen their ability to collaborate and create a more agile work environment for members of their firm. Increase your firm’s capabilities by moving to the cloud! Interested in keeping your law firm competitive? Read … Read More