Demystifying Modern Practice Management


Law firms use countless types of technology to help support them and their clients, but the term “modern practice management” can cause some confusion. What does that phrase even mean? In an age where firms have increasingly more varied options when it comes to practice management tools, it’s important to have a clear understanding of what the choices are and … Read More

10 Tips in 10 Minutes: Utilizing the Cloud in Your Law Practice


Whether your firm is already using cloud applications or considering implementing them, there are some important considerations when it comes to using cloud-based systems. Mobility, modern features, and less IT headaches are all benefits of the cloud, but to implement it properly, stay secure, and maximize improvements, there’s a number of items to be aware of. With all of the … Read More

Question of the Week: How can I protect my client’s data in the cloud?


The cloud offers an effective way to store large amounts of information, improve mobile access, reduce storage costs of paper documents, and provide scalability. In using this technology, however, there is still an obligation for lawyers to ensure that in taking advantage of the benefits of the cloud client data is still protected. By asking the right questions and implementing specific … Read More

Tech Tip #262: Evaluate Security Best Practices of Cloud-based Vendors


As law firms continue to grow their usage of cloud-based tools, it’s important to know what factors to evaluate to remain secure in the cloud. It’s important to do your due diligence and understand the steps that vendors take to secure their data and their systems. Questions you can ask include: How often do they back up their data? Do … Read More

Question of the Week: How Can I Protect My Firm’s Data?


Imagine if every computer file at your firm were to suddenly become inaccessible. Would your practice still be able to function? Even if you’re not entirely paperless in today’s technology-based world, there’s no doubt your firm wouldn’t be able to operate at an effective level. The impact of losing your firm’s data could have disastrous effects on your business, resulting … Read More

Tech Tip #254: Types of Data Backups Your Law Firm Should Have


Law firms should ensure they have recent and complete backups of all of their data. Firms utilizing cloud-based systems like CosmoLex can count on regular data backups to be completed. Even in the event of ransomware, firms can still restore their data and be up and running with minimal downtime. Off-site backups are especially important, because backups kept your in … Read More

The First Steps to Becoming a Paperless Law Firm


An article by Law Technology Today says it best about paperless law offices: “Not only is it here to stay, it will be the norm for all practices. In short, there’s no escaping the need to turn your office paperless.” While the paperless office used to be more of a lofty dream than an actual possibility, technological advances have turned … Read More

Tech Tip #234: Go Paperless to Save and Build Collaboration

Going paperless used to be a far-fetched concept but today it’s a reality many firms are taking advantage of. Reduced costs associated with the purchase of physical paper and its storage have a high appeal, especially with the low and continuously decreasing cost of digital storage. Your staff’s collaboration will enjoy a boost as well, with the ability to access … Read More