Small Business Lessons for Solo Law Firms

It’s intimidating to run a solo or small practice against the Biglaw firm down the street. How can you possibly compete? You do so by taking advantage of the flexibility and personal service that only small firms can give, and by using tools like CosmoLex legal office management software to give you time to give that extra service. Law isn’t … Read More

How Does Your State Feel About Cloud-Based Trust Management?

Cloud technology seemed to arrive almost overnight. It went from being a curiosity to being everywhere in no time at all. That has left bar associations rushing to come up with guidance on the technology for lawyers. Is CosmoLex cloud-based trust account software acceptable to your bar association? Check Your State’s Rules The American Bar Association has gathered state-by-state cloud … Read More

How Can You Have A Paper Trail In A Paperless Office?

Attorneys learn early on the importance of documentation. This has caused some to resist moving to cloud-based trust software for attorneys like CosmoLex because they fear that without stacks of paper they will get into trouble if audited. The fact is you don’t need paper for a paper trail. If It Isn’t Written Down, Then It Didn’t Happen First of … Read More

Avoid These Common Retainer Accounting Mistakes

Trust Accounting

CosmoLex’s built-in trust account management features are a big help to law offices that work on retainer, but there are still some errors you have to be careful to avoid. Attorney trust accounting software works best when used alongside smart account management practices. Here are a few mistakes to look out for. Taking Money Before It’s Earned – When a … Read More

The Trick to Administering Multiple Trusts From One Bank Account

A common practice for law offices is to open a separate physical account for each trust account they have to oversee. This makes it easy to ensure the funds don’t intermingle but it’s an administrative nightmare. CosmoLex includes a built-in trust accounting system that makes it easy to manage any numbers of trusts from a single bank account. The Complex … Read More

How Each Department Benefits From CosmoLex Law Practice Management Software

CosmoLex is designed not just for lawyers but for law firms. Our legal billing and accounting software simplifies operations in every department in your firm — even if you are a solo attorney who handles every job yourself. Here are just a few ways we streamline your practice. Attorneys spend less time on paperwork and more time practicing law. They … Read More

The Dark Side Of Attorney Time And Billing Software: Knowing When To Unplug

Technology makes us more productive. Even since the invention of the wheel and the lever our civilization has been using technology to get more work out of people. Unfortunately technology can be a two-edged sword and it’s important to ensure that the flexibility of cloud-based time and billing software and other tools doesn’t burn people out. Law Firms In The … Read More

Are Law Firms Letting Technology Pass Them By?

Computer technology simplifies the modern law practice, letting attorneys focus on the law rather than on mundane administrative details. At least that’s the case when law firms actually use the technology available. Unfortunately despite the wide availability of reliable attorney time and billing software, many practices are still stuck in the Stone Age, and it’s hurting profits. Solo Firms: I … Read More

Is Your Trust Accounting System Obsolete?

Trust management can be a headache but it doesn’t have to be. The system you use will dictate how difficult your escrow administration activities are. Outdated manual methods or generic software are only going to create problems. You are better of using legal billing and accounting software that includes trust management functions — software like CosmoLex. Manual Methods Yes it’s … Read More