Using Delegation To Get More From Attorney Time And Billing Software

Technology can be a two-edged sword. It can increase productivity but it can also distract you from your core purpose. For example just because CosmoLex law practice management software allows attorneys to handle billing themselves doesn’t mean they should. Coordinated delegation is the key to using the software effectively.

Solo firms – The lone lawyer doesn’t have much choice. A single lawyer actually has to do it all, but CosmoLex makes it easier. Spend less time handling administrative details and more time growing your business. However even solo firms often can afford to employ an assistant and that is where delegation becomes important. The assistant might handle the routine chores, like printing invoices, while the attorney handles more important matters such as trust administration with the built-in escrow software features.

Small firms – A small firm can be two or more attorneys, or a single attorney with a staff of paralegals who can handle some of the law-related work. Strict definition of boundaries is important. These qualified professionals might be able to handle sensitive issues such as reconciliation or retainer management, while the attorneys using the time billing software reviews the work and ensures rules are followed. The key is that the attorneys can start focusing just on law and leave office management to the support staff.

Medium firms – This is the level where a centralized practice management system can be a great tool…or a serious nightmare if there is no organization. Busy attorneys can’t afford to waste time on administrative duties. CosmoLex makes it easy to set up the attorneys’ rate tables so they can enter their fees, expenses and billable hours in minutes. At this stage pretty much all of the administrative functions should be delegated to support staff. There is no reason to have expensive lawyers doing cheap work.

Like any tool, CosmoLex attorney practice management software only works for you if you use it effectively. Create clearly defined areas of responsibility, give access to the software only to the personnel who need it, and you will find your practice runs more efficiently, whether you are a practice of 100 or a practice of 1. Keep reading this blog to discover more tips on how to get the most from CosmoLex.

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