Tech Tip #91-Sync Your Legal Billing & Accounting Systems

Tech Tip Legal Billing

It is imperative that your firm’s legal billing and accounting systems utilize the same set of data. Failure to align these two systems with identical data will result in bookkeeping issues, billing complications, and ethics violations. The best way to avoid these issues is to implement a practice management system that handles both your firm’s […]

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Legal Accounting Pitfalls

Blog Legal Accounting Pitfalls

Attorneys practice law, that’s what they do. It stands to reason that their success rate in courtrooms and meeting rooms is the biggest difference in keeping their practice alive and successful. While an attorney’s performance for their clients is certainly a giant part of their success, there is another area that is far more likely […]

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Tech Tip #88 – Keep Your Trust Accounting In Order

Tech Tip Trust Accounting

Every attorney knows that their trust accounting is heavily scrutinized. Depending on your jurisdiction there are a number of regulations associated with how you manage these accounts. We have identified 7 trust accounting reports that are vital in keeping your firm’s books clean. Depending on where you practice law some may even be required! Read […]

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