Tech Tip #133: Never Mix Client Funds

Tech Tip Client Funds

Most lawyers manage funds from multiple clients at any given time. It’s great to have retainers and funds on hand for work you have yet to complete, but managing these funds can be challenging. It is extremely important that your firm always makes sure that one client’s funds do not mix with that of another. […]

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Tech Tip # 132: Accurately Track Lien Claims During A Case

Tech Tip Lien Claims

In most contingency cases (and in many non-contingency cases), throughout the duration of a case you will accumulate lien claims. It is important that your firm track these claims to make it easy on yourself once it comes time to create settlement or disbursement statements. As your client’s fiduciary, it is your responsibility to address […]

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Tech Tip #129: Properly Record Negotiated Lien Claims

Tech Tip Lien Claims

Lien claims are a common part of many legal settlements. It is also common for third-party lien holders to negotiate the cost of these claims down. As an attorney, when you receive these lien claims over the duration of a case, it is important to record both the original and negotiated amount of the claim. […]

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