Improve Attorney Client Communication With A Client Portal


Good effective communication is key to running any successful business. Technology has made it easier for businesses all around the world and across many different industries to easily communicate with clients and customer bases. As a result of this no matter what industry you are involved in, clients expect communication to be easy. That means […]

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Tech Tip #63 – Quickbooks is Popular But Is It Right For Your Firm?

Tip-#63-Quickbooks is Popular But Is It Right For Your Firm--Aug-23-2016

Many small law firms turn to Quickbooks to handle their accounting. On the surface you’d think choosing the world’s most popular accounting software makes sense, but the fact of the matter is Quickbooks was never built to satisfy the very specific legal accounting needs. The legal world’s strict accounting requirements can create real challenges for […]

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Tech Tip #62 – Just Because You’re Trying To Remain Compliant Doesn’t Mean You Are

-Tip-#62-Just Because You’re Trying To Remain Compliant Doesn’t Mean You Are-Aug-18-2016

Every year many law firms find themselves in hot water because of the way they manage their trust accounts. Many of them have nothing but honest intentions, but simple innocent trust accounting mistakes can result in ethics violations and take your firm down with penalties that may even involve disbarment. Watch our Essential Rules for […]

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