Setting Up A Legal Chart Of Accounts For Your Firm

When a lawyer makes the decision to make the jump from being an attorney, to managing their own practice, they absolutely need to consider their legal accounting. Rarely do lawyers have accounting expertise and accountants who understand all the intricacies and regulations associated with legal accounting may be hard to find. Every law firm needs […]

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5 Ways To Prevent Legal Accounting Errors

For so many small and medium sized law firms, legal accounting is a major challenge. Lawyers certainly aren’t accountants and accountants rarely have the specific expertise needed to successfully navigate the legal accounting landscape. Unfortunately, this creates the perfect storm for legal accounting errors to occur at many small and medium-sized firms. We all know that […]

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Attorneys Only Collect 84% of What They Bill Clients

We work with law firms across the country. We see everything from established firms to firms who are just starting out. Something that we notice quite often is that attorneys are attorneys first and business men/women second. While this is the ideal order for clients looking to hire the best legal representation, it isn’t always […]

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