Tech Tip #129: Properly Record Negotiated Lien Claims

Tech Tip Lien Claims

Lien claims are a common part of many legal settlements. It is also common for third-party lien holders to negotiate the cost of these claims down. As an attorney, when you receive these lien claims over the duration of a case, it is important to record both the original and negotiated amount of the claim. […]

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Tech Tip #128: Do You Understand Trust Fund Compliance?

Tech Tip Trust Fund Compliance Quiz

A lot goes into client trust fund accounting. Unfortunately, for lawyers, there are few attorneys out there who understand what that is. From maintaining a positive balance, when to claim funds as the firms, what fees can be deposited, and the commingling of client funds, there is a lot to understand. It ultimately falls on […]

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Trust Accounting: The Challenges of Compliance

Blog Trust Accounting Compliance

There aren’t too many attorneys out there who enjoy trust accounting. Come to think of it, outside of accountants you’d be hard pressed to find anyone who genuinely enjoys any type of accounting. Most attorneys certainly are not accountants, so they naturally aren’t trust accounting experts. Unfortunately, many accountants aren’t aware of the legal-specific regulations […]

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