Tips For Accountants Serving Law Firms

Most of our blog posts are directed towards attorneys who either manage their own firms or are looking to manage their own practice. In this post I’d like to speak to the accountants that serve law firms. Too often accountants take on a legal client and don’t realize that they simply cannot treat them like […]

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You Don’t Have To Sacrifice Security To Manage Your Firm In the Cloud

Law firms are always looking for new ways to drive efficiency through technology. No modern business can afford to ignore advancements in technology and the benefits it can provide. Unfortunately different industries face different regulations, and the legal industry may be one of the most heavily scrutinized. So adopting new technology can be viewed as […]

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Tech Tip #29 – Know Your Legal Accounting – Advanced Client Costs vs. Reimbursable Client Costs

Not every matter cost is a cost from IRS perspective. Know the difference. Cost booked as advanced client costs (ACC) is really a loan to your client and can’t be deducted when incurred. Cost booked as reimbursable client costs (RCC) is different and can be deducted. How you book is yours and your accountant’s decision […]

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