Critical QuickBooks Online Trust Accounting Challenges for Law Firms

Frustrated QBO trust accounting

When it comes to accounting software, QuickBooks remains the go-to solution for many businesses. With the recent move to the cloud in the form of QuickBooks Online (QBO), more and more companies across industries are taking advantage of the program’s extensive on-demand capabilities for their business accounting needs. However, while many law firms continue to […]

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Tech Tip #162: Does Your Credit Card Provider Understand Legal Accounting?

Tech Tip #162 Legal Credit Card Provider

It’s extremely important to understand how your credit card merchant provider handles processing fees. You know that these fees cannot be deducted from a trust account, but does your credit card processing company understand that? Find a merchant that understands the unique requirements a law firm is up against. Better yet, find a legal-specific merchant […]

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Tech Tip #161: Put Client Funds Where They Belong

Managing Client Funds

As an attorney, you’re in possession of many different types of funds. You are also often possessing the fiduciary responsibility associated with those different types of funds, even when they technically are not yours. Make sure you understand and work inside a legal accounting system that ensures settlement funds, unearned income, and advances are all […]

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Handling Client Funds

Handling Client Funds

Like any valuable asset entrusted to your care, handling client funds demands a great deal of responsibility and attention to detail. Before establishing a system to adequately manage such funds, however, your firm must first fully understand legal accounting, an element that many practices often neglect. While some attorneys may consider accounting outside their realm […]

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Tech Tip #160: Become a Modern, Mobile Attorney

Modern Mobile Attorney

It is reported that 73% of attorneys telecommute regularly. This means it’s no longer some crazy idea from the future, mobile work is here and it’s here to stay. This means that it is important that your firm has not only the right tools in place but the appropriate policies and expectations so that your […]

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