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Top 10 Profitability Metrics for Law Firms

Running a profitable law firm requires being able to make strategic business decisions that set your practice on a trajectory to success. Making these decisions should never be based on your gut feelings. Instead, you need clear data to help guide your choices, but knowing what numbers are needed and how to analyze them can be overwhelming when your focus is on practicing law and not business management.  

In our webinar, Top 10 Profitability Metrics for Law Firms, we’ll show you the most important financial metrics, how to track them and how to interpret them. Armed with this information, you’ll be able to gauge the financial health of your firm and make the right choices for your firm’s future.

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Erica Birstler

Erica Birstler is the Director of Strategic Communications at CosmoLex -- developers of a fully-integrated, cloud-based legal practice management, billing & trust accounting system specifically designed for solo and small law firms. Erica's degree is in Business Administration and she has over 6 years of experience in the legal software industry, catering to the specialized technology needs of small to mid-sized law firms. Erica has given numerous presentations across the country on legal technologies such as law practice technology management, cloud computing, and legal billing & trust accounting compliance.