Tech Tip #90-Does Your Firm Understand The Difference Between Income & Revenue?

Tech Tip Income v. Revenue

Understanding the difference between income and revenue is a crucial part of running a law firm. In fact, failure to understand the difference is considered to be one of the pitfalls of legal accounting that has the potential to lead to other issues. Failure to make this differentiation can lead to inaccurate books, compliance issues, […]

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Tech Tip #88 – Keep Your Trust Accounting In Order

Tech Tip Trust Accounting

Every attorney knows that their trust accounting is heavily scrutinized. Depending on your jurisdiction there are a number of regulations associated with how you manage these accounts. We have identified 7 trust accounting reports that are vital in keeping your firm’s books clean. Depending on where you practice law some may even be required! Read […]

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Tech Tip #87-Keep Your Legal Accounting Current

Tech Tip Legal Accounting

Keeping your legal accounting is an important part of managing a law firm. The problem is most firms handle their accounting in one system and their billing in another. By bringing these two systems together under one login, you can reduce errors and time spent on data entry- while ensuring your accounting is always up […]

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