How Can You Have A Paper Trail In A Paperless Office?

Attorneys learn early on the importance of documentation. This has caused some to resist moving to cloud-based trust software for attorneys like CosmoLex because they fear that without stacks of paper they will get into trouble if audited. The fact is you don’t need paper for a paper trail. If It Isn’t Written Down, Then […]

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Are You Using The Wrong Software?

Technology provides a big boost to the productivity and profits of any business including law firms. However the wrong technology not only provides less of a boost but can actually become a burden. If your time and billing software isn’t up to the task then it’s time to update to CosmoLex. Wrong Software Some practices, […]

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Which Is Better: Hourly Or Flat Fee Billing?

Although it varies based on legal specialty, traditionally attorneys work according to the billable hour. However lately there has been a growing trend to move towards flat fee billing. CosmoLex time and billing software can handle either model, as well as contingency billing, but which billing is right for your practice? Fitting The Price To […]

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What Can We Learn From Heartbleed?

By now the Heartbleed bug is old news but it is still relevant to any online activity. CosmoLex legal software was unaffected by the Heartbleed bug but that doesn’t mean you are completely safe. Here are a few tips about how to protect yourself both when using CosmoLex and when indulging in other online activities. […]

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The Trick to Administering Multiple Trusts From One Bank Account

A common practice for law offices is to open a separate physical account for each trust account they have to oversee. This makes it easy to ensure the funds don’t intermingle but it’s an administrative nightmare. CosmoLex includes a built-in trust accounting system that makes it easy to manage any numbers of trusts from a […]

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