Future Trends In Law Firm Technology

The report Client Dynamics Driving Change in the Legal Profession, released by Robert Half Legal, points to a number of trends that law firms need to be aware of if they wish to remain competitive. Many of the points brought forth in the paper mesh with the design philosophy behind CosmoLex legal office management software. […]

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Enhance Security With New User Management Controls

The most exciting feature of CosmoLex version 1.6 is the new user permission feature. With these finely-grained permissions you can set strict limits on user capabilities to protect sensitive client information without interfering with anyone’s ability to work with the law firm management software. You can find the permission settings under the User Management tab. […]

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How Does Your State Feel About Cloud-Based Trust Management?

Cloud technology seemed to arrive almost overnight. It went from being a curiosity to being everywhere in no time at all. That has left bar associations rushing to come up with guidance on the technology for lawyers. Is CosmoLex cloud-based trust account software acceptable to your bar association? Check Your State’s Rules The American Bar […]

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Check Printing Tips For Law Offices

The paper check is alive and well even in our increasingly digital world. CosmoLex billing software for attorneys includes check printing capabilities. Here are a couple of points to consider when producing checks. Manual Or Printed Checks CosmoLex can print checks on your local printer. The advantage over manual checks is the payment documents will […]

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