The BYOD Movement & Your Law Firm

In the past, lawyers have often been recognized as a profession that lags behind when it comes to technology. More recently this seems to be changing. The legal industry has started to take advantage of the many advancements in technology available to them. One theme that many law firms, especially smaller firms looking to grow […]

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Business Intelligence For Law Firms

We live in a day and age where data is king. Businesses don’t go a week without utilizing business intelligence to make better decisions for their business. In the legal profession some may think big data and analytics aren’t nearly as prevalent as they are across other industries. But if your law firm isn’t utilizing […]

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Tech Tip #32 – Keep Your Practice Secure in the Cloud


So many law firms are looking to move their practice management to the cloud. The largest concern that comes up when doing this is security. Ensure your firm secures clients’ sensitive data when looking to increase the agility in which it operates. All firms should employ solutions that feature bank-grade encryption, database schema that are […]

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