Making The Most of Your Firm’s Marketing Budget

As a lawyer managing their own firm, you understand the need to generate business. Without clients, your rent doesn’t get paid, your attorneys and employees don’t get paid, your lights get turned off, and your firm will ultimately fail. I’m fairly confident you don’t want to start a new job search or fire any of […]

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Tech Tip #21 – How Can You Become Aware Of Everything That Goes On In Your CosmoLex Program?


Recent Activities… is your best friend. Located under the Dashboard tab, this is the central hub for reporting all that takes place within your CosmoLex program. This is helpful for a few reasons If you have several users within the program, you can trace back to who may have done what at any particular time. […]

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Tech Tip #13 – Adding Notes to a Matter


One of the most asked about features is linking notes to a matter, which is essential for properly collaborating with your team. Having the ability to tack on free flowing notes ties all the loose ends together, and ensures all users are on the same page when working on the same matter. No more Post-it […]

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