How Does Your Firm Manage Internal Communication?


When law firms think of communication, the first thing that generally comes to mind is how they communicate with clients. Client communication is extremely important. It plays into getting necessary information from clients, ensuring smooth payment processing, and building a strong trusting client-attorney relationship. With that being said attorney to client communication isn’t the only […]

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Tech Tip #66 – Empower Your Clients & Reduce The Time Spent On Administrative Tasks

Tip-#66-Empower Your Clients & Reduce The Time Spent On Administrative Tasks-Sept-1-2016

Part of serving your firm’s clients is being responsive and fielding different requests for legal documents, information on upcoming events, invoicing information, and keeping them in the loop on the tasks being completed on their behalf. Communicating all of this to your clients is time-consuming but ultimately important. Cut the time you spend here by […]

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Professionalism Must Go Beyond The Courtroom

Blog-Professionalism Must Go Beyond The Courtroom-Aug-31-2016

People respect attorneys. When someone hires an attorney they know it will be an investment, and they expect to be dealt with in a professional manner. Very rarely is this a problem when it comes to an attorney’s role and actions in the courtroom but once a lawyer begins managing their own firm, professionalism has […]

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Tech Tip #65 – Provide Easy Access To Client Invoices

Tip-#65-Provide Easy Access To Client Invoices-Aug-30-2016

An important component of running a successful law firm is getting paid. If you’re firm is full of fantastic lawyers, that successfully represent their clients but don’t get paid- your firm will not be successful. Implementing a client portal that allows your clients to easily access their invoices will remove any confusion when it comes time […]

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Tech Tip #64 – Use a Client Portal To Improve Communication For Your Firm

Tip-#64-Use a Client Portal To Improve Communication For Your Firm-Aug-25-2016

In the digital world, there are many ways to communicate with your firm’s clients. Think emails, text messages, and the good ol’ fashioned phone call. The problem is with so many different ways to communicate with clients, keeping a record & organizing all of the information that comes from these communications can be a challenge. […]

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