Benefits of Passive Timekeeping For Lawyers

Passive Timekeeping Blog

Timekeeping is a necessary activity for all lawyers. Even lawyers working for flat fees or on a contingency basis should track their time to understand what case work is generating the best return for their practice. The problem is, as necessary as timekeeping may be, it can also be a great challenge. Many law firms […]

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Tech Tip #79 – Time Tracking Is An Essential Component Of Running a Law Firm

Tech Tip #79 - Time Tracking

Time tracking for client’s legal matters can become tedious and oddly enough, time-consuming. Unfortunately, if your firm doesn’t accurately track time, you can’t accurately bill your clients or measure productivity. If you don’t accurately track time, your firm will lose money one way or another. Learn how CosmoLex’s integration with Chrometa is making time tracking […]

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Tech Tip #78 – Manage Your Legal Practice Activities

Tech Tip 78 - Legal Practice Activities

Many legal practice activities come together every day to keep your firm running. A lot goes into managing a law firm. Those in charge need to be quick to identify problems and opportunities. Utilizing practice management dashboards allows you to see a full snapshot of the most important aspects of your firm’s operations. With a good […]

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