Will Technology Destroy The Legal Profession?

Why should someone hire a lawyer when a website can do the same thing for $19.99? Wait! Before you attorneys start screaming at us, we are merely being rhetorical. Of course a random internet form is not going to be as effective as an experienced specialist, just like a paralegal from a bankruptcy mill isn’t […]

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Why Are Team Calendars So Important To A Small Law Firm?

One of the many features added to CosmoLex version 2.0 is a team calendar function. This might seem like a small feature for law practice management software, but it’s actually a tool that can enormously increase the efficiency of a small practice. When it comes to coordinating schedules within a firm, you have a few […]

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Technology, Ethics And The Modern Lawyer

In the comment to Rule 1.1 of the ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct, it states that attorneys must maintain competence “including the benefits and risks associated with relevant technology”. This was an important point in the “The Low Tech Lawyer’s Guide to Ethical Competence in a Digital Age” presentation at this year’s ABA Annual […]

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Six Degrees Of Separation: How Conflict Checking Protects Your Law Firm From Ethics Violations

Conflict of interest is a serious accusation for any attorney. Previous relationships with clients, witnesses or anyone else involved in a case can bias judgment against you. Even associations between parties can influence the outcome of a case. Most legal office management software comes with some kind of conflict checking but nobody provides better protection […]

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