Why User Management Is A Critical Security Feature

Your law practice deals with sensitive client information, which is why you need to be sure to understand how to keep this data secure. CosmoLex law office software includes comprehensive user management permissions that help you lock down your data from unauthorized eyes. One Account Per User Do not share user accounts. Each person who […]

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What Law Practices Can Do About Check Fraud

Fraud plagues any business that writes checks, but it is an especially severe problem for the legal industry. The problem is so widespread that the banking industry has created a system called Positive Pay to fight fraud. It is imperative that billing or trust software for attorneys include support for Positive Pay, and CosmoLex now […]

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Will Technology Destroy The Legal Profession?

Why should someone hire a lawyer when a website can do the same thing for $19.99? Wait! Before you attorneys start screaming at us, we are merely being rhetorical. Of course a random internet form is not going to be as effective as an experienced specialist, just like a paralegal from a bankruptcy mill isn’t […]

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Why Are Team Calendars So Important To A Small Law Firm?

One of the many features added to CosmoLex version 2.0 is a team calendar function. This might seem like a small feature for law practice management software, but it’s actually a tool that can enormously increase the efficiency of a small practice. When it comes to coordinating schedules within a firm, you have a few […]

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