Tech Tip #11 – Enhance Compliance & Collaboration at Law Firms

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The key to enhanced compliance and effective collaboration is first having a central area where ALL case/matter information is kept, and then having an organized way to communicate with your team. Centralized area will enhance compliance as it allows to organize all items pertaining to a matter such as Billing Items, Accounting Entries, Events, Tasks, Documents, […]

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Dashboards: A Law Firm’s Crystal Ball

If I told you successful lawyers need to have vision into the future, you might go out in search of a crystal ball, or consider me crazy. I’m going to suggest that you do neither of those two things, and instead let me explain how successful attorneys and law firms can begin to spot problems […]

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Tech Tip #9 – Case Documents Storage Tip


There are many options for document storage. But, how do you keep them attached to all of your other matter activity as well as ensure they are accessible from wherever you are? CosmoLex integrates with Dropbox & Box. One key advantage of this approach is that your documents are stored in your Dropbox or Box […]

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