Tech Tip #7 – Is a Pre-Bill necessary? Not with CosmoLex!


Many law firms go through a specific approval process for their invoices. In some programs, pre-bills are generated, as the actual invoices cannot be edited once created. The great news is that this extra step is not needed in CosmoLex, as you can provide the actual invoice for approval, and then make any updates as […]

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Tech Tip #2 – Benefits to Emailing Invoices


Why print, when you can email your invoices in one step? More and more, attorneys and clients use email as a means of communication. It is both fast and convenient. Why not extend these benefits to your invoicing? With CosmoLex, you can send multiple invoices out in one batch in just a few clicks. No more […]

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Tech Tip #1 – Bulk Invoices


One of the most crucial, yet time-consuming elements of your billing cycle is invoicing. For any given month you can have tens (or even hundreds) of clients who need to be invoiced. Rather than generating one invoice at a time, save hours by generating your invoices by batch. In just one click you can generate […]

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Appropriate Legal Billing Increments

When it comes to billing clients, what type of increments does your law firm use? The standard increments used by most lawyers are: 1/10th of an hour or 6 minutes 1/6th of an hour or 10 minutes 1/4th of an hour or 15 minutes The traditional legal billing increments are a product of convenience more […]

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