Which Is Better: Hourly Or Flat Fee Billing?

Although it varies based on legal specialty, traditionally attorneys work according to the billable hour. However lately there has been a growing trend to move towards flat fee billing. CosmoLex time and billing software can handle either model, as well as contingency billing, but which billing is right for your practice? Fitting The Price To […]

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iPads In Court — The Changing Face Of American Law Practice

Tip-#58- Showing “Reasonable Care” When Using Cloud Solutions-Aug-4-2016

The March/April 2014 issue of Law Practice Magazine had an interesting article entitled, “I Submit My iPad as Exhibit A…”The authors interviewed two lawyers who regularly use iPads in court as part of their practices. The article focused on iPads specifically but much of the information applies to general cloud-based technology, including CosmoLex law firm […]

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Avoid These Common Retainer Accounting Mistakes

CosmoLex’s built-in trust account management features are a big help to law offices that work on retainer, but there are still some errors you have to be careful to avoid. Attorney trust accounting software works best when used alongside smart account management practices. Here are a few mistakes to look out for. Taking Money Before […]

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What’s The Matter With Matter-Based Billing?

Matter-based billing is unique to the law industry. Other service businesses bill by client and commercial billing software is designed around this model. If you don’t use specialized legal billing software like CosmoLex then you are going to face some challenges. Applying Payments – When clients have multiple matters with your practice you need to be […]

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