What Can We Learn From Heartbleed?

By now the Heartbleed bug is old news but it is still relevant to any online activity. CosmoLex legal software was unaffected by the Heartbleed bug but that doesn’t mean you are completely safe. Here are a few tips about how to protect yourself both when using CosmoLex and when indulging in other online activities. […]

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Tips To Improve Legal Practice Collection Rates

Nobody likes playing collection agency — even collection agencies! You don’t need to be demanding or inconsiderate to get your clients to pay up. CosmoLex legal billing software is a valuable tool for increasing collections and cash flow for your practice. Accurate Billing – The first step in getting paid is sending an invoice. CosmoLex’s professional […]

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Why Law Firm Billing and Trust Account Systems Must Work in Tandem

Interrelated Billing and Trust Transactions Function like a Bicycle Built for Two Technology can be friend or foe. For small to medium size law firms, billing system choices exhibit the greatest contrast in the use of technology, for better or worse. Law firms recognize the need for automated time tracking and billing systems. No arguments […]

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Three Ways To Generate Three-Way Reconciliation Reports For Trust Accounting Systems

Three-way reconciliation reports are required by most state trust account regulations. Not only that but they are simply a good idea, allowing administrators to be sure that all funds in a trust are accounted for. There are many ways to generate these reports and we’ll look at three: manual reports, non-trust software, and legal accounting […]

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