Tech Tip #1 – Bulk Invoices


One of the most crucial, yet time-consuming elements of your billing cycle is invoicing. For any given month you can have tens (or even hundreds) of clients who need to be invoiced. Rather than generating one invoice at a time, save hours by generating your invoices by batch. In just one click you can generate […]

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Appropriate Legal Billing Increments

When it comes to billing clients, what type of increments does your law firm use? The standard increments used by most lawyers are: 1/10th of an hour or 6 minutes 1/6th of an hour or 10 minutes 1/4th of an hour or 15 minutes The traditional legal billing increments are a product of convenience more […]

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Tips For Improving Your Law Practice Cash Flow: Evergreen Retainer

Over my next few blogs I want to explore methods I’ve seen successful law firms use to maintain a positive cash flow. Since a healthy cash flow means a healthy business, it’s imperative that you find a way to ensure future income. The most common way I’ve seen attorneys secure a reliable future cash flow […]

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Cash Flow: Introduction

One of the most important lessons in business is this: cash is life. It doesn’t matter if you are running an ice cream parlor, building military aircraft or operating a legal practice. You can have millions of dollars in net worth and yet have to file for bankruptcy because you don’t have any cash to […]

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Getting Out From Under Overhead Expenses

You expect to be reimbursed for the time and expenses associated with a case. That isn’t a problem for significant legal work but what do you do about all those tiny costs that crop up in the course of handling a matter? Should you track every phone call and photocopy in CosmoLex law firm billing […]

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