Tech Tip #142: Can Your Credit Card Processor Handle Deposits From Your Clients?

Tech Tip Credit Card Processing

Credit card processing merchants find themselves working across multiple industries. It’s important for law firms to know if their credit card merchant provider can manage credit card payments for a law firm. With typical client deposits amounting anywhere from $10-$30K, many merchant providers are not able to efficiently serve law firms as they put holds […]

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Credit Card Processing Tips For Law Firms

Blog Credit Card Processing

The use of credit cards when paying for goods and services is something that is no longer just acceptable, it’s becoming closer to the norm. Let’s be honest, the legal industry has been a little behind the rest of the world when it comes to accepting credit cards. Regulations and requirements associated with credit card […]

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Tech Tip #138: Match Bills to Proper Client Matters

Tech Tip Managing Client Bills

Managing which bills from which vendors should be attached to which client can be a difficult task. This can become more difficult when you have multiple legal matters for a single client and the vendor bills need to be appropriately tied to the actual matter. Utilize legal-specific accounting software that allows your firm to tie […]

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