Cloud-Based Tools To Complement CosmoLex

CosmoLex has all the time tracking, billing and trust administration features an attorney needs, but you need other tools for your practice. Maybe you’ve discovered how much you enjoy the flexibility of a cloud-based law office billing program and are looking for other tools. Here are a few other cloud software categories you might want […]

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Professional Attorney Invoices: It’s Not Just A Good Idea– It’s The Law

Comprehensive, accurate and uncluttered invoices increase the likelihood of collection, which is important for maintaining the cash flow of your law firm. However the kind of high-quality invoices produced by legal time and billing software such as CosmoLex may not just be smart; they are arguably required by the American Bar Association. Your Obligation To […]

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Don’t Let Your Critical Office Records Be Held For Ransom

You come into your office one morning and turn on the computer. Rather than the legal time and billing software display you expect, you see an ominous ticking clock next to a message that your hard drive will be locked in a matter of hours unless you wire hundreds of dollars to a suspicious address. […]

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