Retainer Management & Your Law Firm


For a law firm, retainers can be the lifeblood needed to stay afloat. It allows firms to maintain a positive cash flow and ensures that client invoices are paid in a timely manner. While retainers can be extremely beneficial for firms, if they aren’t properly managed they can bring a great deal of trouble to […]

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Tech Tip #62 – Just Because You’re Trying To Remain Compliant Doesn’t Mean You Are

-Tip-#62-Just Because You’re Trying To Remain Compliant Doesn’t Mean You Are-Aug-18-2016

Every year many law firms find themselves in hot water because of the way they manage their trust accounts. Many of them have nothing but honest intentions, but simple innocent trust accounting mistakes can result in ethics violations and take your firm down with penalties that may even involve disbarment. Watch our Essential Rules for […]

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Tech Tip #44 – Mismanaged Finances Can Harm More Than Just Your Reputation


When you mishandle your firm’s finances there is always the potential that it may lead to client disputes. This is something you certainly want to avoid, but more so than a knock to your firm’s reputation, ethics violations and the penalties associated with them could cause more harm to your firm. Learn how your firm […]

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Client Disputes Related to Mismanaged Finances Can Hurt More Than Your Reputation

Many of our recent blog posts have been focused on trying to avoid disputes with your clients. We have addressed time tracking disputes, disputes related to missed deadlines, poor communication, and disputes related to client fees. Now all of these different disputes are something you would absolutely like to avoid. There isn’t one that couldn’t […]

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