Lawyers Can’t Ignore Technology, It’s Their Duty

Blog-Lawyers Can’t Ignore Technology, It’s Their Duty-6.22.16

In this blog we often talk about how the legal industry is it’s own animal. It has it’s own legal accounting requirements, expectations and regulations from both clients and legal governing boards are stricter than in many other industries. While all of this is true, the legal industry doesn’t differ from other industries in that […]

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Legal Marketing Tips For Law Firms


It wasn’t long ago that legal marketing was an activity that many practices looked down upon. Times have changed though, and if your firm expects to remain competitive and successful you’ll need to market your services. Most lawyers aren’t marketers, but they can find a number of marketing resources by simply conducting a google search. […]

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Client Disputes Related to Mismanaged Finances Can Hurt More Than Your Reputation

Many of our recent blog posts have been focused on trying to avoid disputes with your clients. We have addressed time tracking disputes, disputes related to missed deadlines, poor communication, and disputes related to client fees. Now all of these different disputes are something you would absolutely like to avoid. There isn’t one that couldn’t […]

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