Don’t Let Your Critical Office Records Be Held For Ransom

You come into your office one morning and turn on the computer. Rather than the legal time and billing software display you expect, you see an ominous ticking clock next to a message that your hard drive will be locked in a matter of hours unless you wire hundreds of dollars to a suspicious address. […]

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Boost Your Income with Value Billing

Attorneys work with three basic billing structures: hourly rates, flat fees and contingency billing. CosmoLex legal billing software for attorneys can handle all three. However there is a fourth type of billing that is common among various consultants and contractors: value billing. Value billing on the surface seems similar to a flat fee: the attorney […]

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Tips For Improving Your Law Practice’s Cash Flow

There is a very good article in the May/June 2014 issue of Law Practice entitled “Improving and Managing Cash Flow“. The author, Allison C. Shields, says, “Inconsistent billing practices, long delays on accounts receivable and languishing WIP (work in process, i.e., work that has been completed but not billed) can wreak havoc on a firm’s […]

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How Does Your State Feel About Cloud-Based Trust Management?

Cloud technology seemed to arrive almost overnight. It went from being a curiosity to being everywhere in no time at all. That has left bar associations rushing to come up with guidance on the technology for lawyers. Is CosmoLex cloud-based trust account software acceptable to your bar association? Check Your State’s Rules The American Bar […]

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