Making The Most of Your Firm’s Marketing Budget

As a lawyer managing their own firm, you understand the need to generate business. Without clients, your rent doesn’t get paid, your attorneys and employees don’t get paid, your lights get turned off, and your firm will ultimately fail. I’m fairly confident you don’t want to start a new job search or fire any of […]

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Bank Account Reconciliation Can Be Easy & Accurate

Ask any firm what one of the most important accounting activities is for them and they will tell you the bank reconciliation process. While they answer the question you might catch them rolling their eyes or shaking their head, because while bank reconciliation is important, it is also one of the most dreaded legal accounting […]

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Legal Accounting & Credit Cards: How To Make It Work

Most small businesses use credit cards. Using a credit card for your business is far easier than cutting a check every time your business needs to make a purchase. For law firms, credit cards can be used for a number of things; phone bills, meals, client entertainment, travel, and even parking. Credit cards become an […]

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The Benefits of Law Practice Management in the Cloud

If you run your own law firm, chances are that you have used practice management software. Chances are you are probably using some instance of practice management software right now. In recent years a major shift has occurred in the law practice management software world. Providers are moving their practice management solutions to the cloud, […]

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Recover Client Costs & Reduce Leakage

I hope you enjoy your job as a lawyer, and I hope your firm enjoys helping clients, but everyone goes to work every day for one reason, and that’s to make money. All too often law firms do not generate as much revenue as they should, and it’s only because they’re losing it! This is […]

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