Dashboards: A Law Firm’s Crystal Ball

If I told you successful lawyers need to have vision into the future, you might go out in search of a crystal ball, or consider me crazy. I’m going to suggest that you do neither of those two things, and instead let me explain how successful attorneys and law firms can begin to spot problems […]

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Collection & Distribution of Fee Income

For people outside of the legal profession, the profession may seem pretty straight forward. An attorney litigates and gets paid. End of story, right? Unfortunately those of you who are involved in the legal world understand that there is much more to be concerned about. In the legal profession lawyers operate under the terms of […]

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To Commingle or Not To Commingle- Is It Really A Question?

A common misconception when it comes to legal accounting is that every single lawyer needs to establish a trust account. While it is a sound legal accounting strategy, it isn’t always required. Some states do not require that attorneys establish a trust account, and they can even accept client fee advances into business operating accounts. […]

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