Capturing All Your Time and Expenses

Blog Capture Time & Expense

For many small law firms and law firms just starting out, limited resources are a major hurdle that needs to be cleared. Most often, carrying out administrative tasks is the most affected area of a practice. Think about it, most small and new firms have the legal expertise in place to be successful, that’s why […]

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Trust Accounting: The Challenges of Compliance

Blog Trust Accounting Compliance

There aren’t too many attorneys out there who enjoy trust accounting. Come to think of it, outside of accountants you’d be hard pressed to find anyone who genuinely enjoys any type of accounting. Most attorneys certainly are not accountants, so they naturally aren’t trust accounting experts. Unfortunately, many accountants aren’t aware of the legal-specific regulations […]

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Third Party Lien Claims for Attorneys

Third Party Lien Claim Management

In many situations, part of being an attorney is being the fiduciary for your clients. This means you are responsible for making sure that all financial activity concerning the case being worked on is handled appropriately. In personal injury cases, workers compensation cases, family law, and bankruptcy cases, among others, it is common to have […]

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