The Do’s and Don’ts of Legal Trust Account Management

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When it comes to managing your clients’ accounts, “trust” is the operative word. At the point in which you take responsibility for such important funds, it is critical that your firm has the right processes and practices in place to ensure safe keeping. Here, we’ll be covering the “do’s and don’ts” of handling client trust […]

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Top 10 Tips to Increase Your Financial Security

Blog Financial Security Tips

While providing clients with the best possible legal advice should be the goal of any reputable attorney, in order to run a trusted law firm, sound internal business practices must also be in place and prioritized. This goes beyond just protecting clients’ confidential documents, data, and financial information; a truly ethically-minded practice must also take […]

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Unique Challenges for Family Law Attorneys

Family Law Challenges

Across all different practice areas, attorneys and law firms face unique challenges in managing their business that other industries simply do not face. Inside of the legal world different attorneys and firms who are focused on specific practice areas tend to have challenges that are unique to their case type. One case type or practice […]

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