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CosmoLex Origins

In 2012, our founding visionary, Rick Kabra, Ph.D. — having already spent eight years developing specialized desktop software for lawyers — realized that the time had come to bring the advantages of “the cloud” to law offices. At that time, many major industries had already begun moving much of their infrastructure to cloud-based systems. Rick could clearly see how cloud computing offered unique advantages to law firms — especially small-to-midsized firms that simply could not afford to spend more and more on in-house technology and administrative expenses every year.

By 2013, Rick and CosmoLex CTO, Pankaj Gupta, were hard at work developing a cloud-based software like none the legal industry had ever seen. CosmoLex was a fresh approach, designed from the ground up for the sole purpose of serving all of the operational needs of law firms from within a single application. It all started with a simple goal to “help lawyers spend less time managing their firm and more time practicing law for their clients,” and it has only grown from there.

About CosmoLex Today

Today, CosmoLex has grown in ways we could only imagine during our creation. Each day, CosmoLex is redefining the daily work life of hundreds of law firms across the country. And that’s important to us because our business is all about service – meeting the real needs of law firms – technology is just the tool.

CosmoLex is much more than a “practice management tool” or even simply legal billing software. CosmoLex users rely on our application to be their fully functioning, virtual law office – in the cloud. CosmoLex’s comprehensive menu of capabilities has replaced the hodgepodge of separate programs and manual clerical work that used to be the norm at law firms.  The original vision of offering a “Total Law Practice Solution” — a platform upon which lawyers can manage & run an entire practice is now a reality, and we work hard to continuously improve this solution for our users every day.

As the practice of law continues to change, as the pace accelerates and the demands increase, CosmoLex will continue to grow and meet those needs. We invite you to join us on this journey!